with you (yourself, project, brand ,
the others (beloveds, audience, clients),

 and the planet earth.

Buenos Aires (AR), Santiago (CL) - Bogotá (COL)

Email: hi@pleasetrytobenice.com
Website: www.pleasetrytobenice.com

Respectful visual communication. Visual systems. Branding, art direction, animation and web design. Let's make a change, let's be cool, let's try to be nice.




Andres Bruno

Phone: +56 973444623
  Email: hi@pleasetrytobenice.com


My work focuses on visual communication aid. I have been working in the visual field for more than 10 years in Argentina, Colombia and Chile, specializing in graphic design Branding, illustration, animation, visual identity, editorial and textile design, among others.

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With great interest in developing visual material of high vibration, I would be very happy to collaborate with people, projects and creative organizations offering the best effort in design and communication.

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